Paid Social

Advertising on social media can bring huge success to your business.

Paid Social Marketing

Hatch can provide a Paid Social strategy you can rely on. We work with clients across different sectors with varying budgets and have helped them establish a sustainable and results driving set-up.

With more than 4.6 billion people using social media worldwide and 61.7 million in the UK, business objectives can be won or lost depending if you’re leveraging this audience or not.

Running paid ads on social media requires a different strategy to search engines like Google & Microsoft. With search, users are intentionally searching for what they want whilst social ads can be harnessed for discoverability – bringing your brand to eyes that wouldn’t have normally found you. We can leverage this to grow your brand’s reach and achieve your objectives.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook has roughly 44.8 million users in the UK and on average are spending over 23 minutes per day on the platform! This means there is a hugely engaged audience from which to build a paid social strategy around.

Facebook & Instagram (which operates under the Facebook umbrella) offers highly effective interest-based targeting, meaning we can ensure your ads show to the users that matter to your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Are you in the B2B space? Then LinkedIn Ads is the platform for you. It’s the ideal way to increase your brand awareness and get your business in front of the people that matter to you. Although more costly than other platforms, when utilised correctly the ability to reach users active nowhere else is worth it. 

Why Paid Social?

Paid Social leads the way in being able to target ads to the right audiences. We can hone in on the specific customers you want based on their interests and behaviour. This means we will be putting your business directly in front of the users that matter to you.

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