Google Ads delivers big wins for eCommerce client

Client Background & Challenge...

Increase Account-wide Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS)

The Neem Team are a leading UK provider of Neem care products for people, plants and pets. Prior to us taking over, the Google Ads account for the eCommerce business was generating an average ROAS of 300% – 400%. The client wanted to achieve a consistent minimum target of 600%. This key objective, alongside the Cost-Per-Clicks crisis (June 2022) which has impacted costs and performance across online advertising platforms were the foundation on which we developed a paid ads strategy to deliver.

The Solution...

An initial audit of the Google Ads account took place, in which we established that the Shopping campaign had not been reviewed or updated for an extensive period of time. It transpired that a number of products were negatively impacting the overall ROAS due to poor sales and high spend. In turn, this limited visibility and impacted sales of the ‘hero’ items from The Neem Team’s ‘Billy No Mates’ and Pet-Care ranges.

We excluded these less effective products and refreshed the dated ad copy in the Search campaigns. These refreshments included updating pricing, adding call-to-actions and emphasising the key benefits of their products (all of which had been neglected in the majority of the original copy). Previously, the old ads had been blanket copy and pasted across every ad group. By ensuring each product range had tailored descriptions, we solidified the ads and product’s relevance for each customer’s needs and increased Click-Through-Rate and engagement onsite. Over the following 2-year period, these updates improved the number of transactions by 57%.

In recent months, as the Cost-Per-Clicks crisis has begun to bite, we have had to quickly adapt our strategy further to ensure the client continued to achieve a sustainable ROI. As a result of our approach and proactive implementation of changes, we have been able to continue to deliver for the client – the last 3-months (May 2022 – July 2022) ROAS sits at 706%.

The Results...

The 706% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) achievement represents a 135% increase from when we first took over the account. Alongside this growth, we have seen a 97% increase in revenue and a 82% jump in sales. These big-wins have helped solidify The Neem Team as a leading advertiser in this sector.

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Key Performance Metrics


706% Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Sales


Growth In Revenue


Conversion Rate Increase

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