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The London Embroidery School

The Challenge

Improve visibility, traffic and conversion rates for the client
After taking over management of the site in October 2021 we quickly established that both visibility, traffic and conversion rates were not reaching their full potential for the client. Our customer experience review revealed difficulties in finding the website and issues navigating to a purchase once on it, leading to less than optimal performance and costing the client sales.

The Solution

We undertook an audit to identify the barriers to success that were prevalent on the website. It was decided the best way forward was a complete overhaul of the website due to the number of challenges flagged. Some of these included outdated design and difficulty purchasing, inconsistent loading speeds and a lack of content.

Our SEO strategist worked alongside our head of Web Design to create a brand new site that included a focus on improving the clients organic performance and overall conversion rate optimisation (CRO). The rebuild was structured with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the heart of the development in order to take full commercial advantage of all organic traffic for the client’s relevant keywords.

As the site was being redeveloped, we performed an off-page SEO analysis, where it was identified that the domain authority needed improvement in order to meet Google’s standards for a higher quality site. In order to do this we conducted a thorough backlink campaign, optimised page speed and ensured 301 redirect links were set up to maintain all established positive authority markers where relevant.

After this, we worked closely with the client to identify the top keywords to target and performed an on-page SEO audit. We then refocused the title tags, meta descriptions and header tags to target these keywords and further improve these search term rankings. Over the 6-months since this was undertaken, the client has seen a positive trajectory in performance for the site and its organic rankings.

The Results

Over the course of 6-months (October 2021 to March 2022), we have delivered strong improvements in key performance metrics.

– New Users up by 14.93%

– Average Order Value up 35%

– Net Revenue up 17% over the previous year.

– Bounce rate was reduced by 59.7%

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