Tax Refund Now: Google Ads Delivers Lead Generation Goals

The Challenge...

The client came to us in October 2021 with out of control Cost Per Acquisitions (CPA’s) in their Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts and needed these figures brought down across their two key lead generation campaigns. The Google Ads account had an average CPA in excess of £72.00 across two campaigns each focused on the clients key lead gen goals. To be sustainable for the client, our brief was to get this average down to £25.00…

The Solution...

Campaign Restructure: A complete restructuring of the two primary search campaigns was needed due to ineffective ads and outdated practices. Key changes were implemented, including updated ad descriptions and headlines, changes in keyword match types and a switch in bidding strategy.

Ad Creation and Optimisation: Compelling ad copy was utilised to capture user attention and promote the client’s products more effectively on Google’s other channels.

Targeted Audience Segmentation: By leveraging Google Ads’ audience targeting capabilities, the campaign focused on reaching potential customers interested in financial services. Demographic, interest-based and behaviour-based targeting were employed to refine and improve the targeting strategy.

Conversion Tracking and Measurement: Conversion tracking utilising Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics was implemented to accurately measure the campaign’s results, allowing for ongoing optimisation and accurate reporting to the client.

The Results

As of February 2022, conversions have grown in excess of 1967% with the budget only scaled up by 234% in comparison. Our CPA targets set by the client have been smashed and are 86% lower than they were when we first took over the account.

The client has also noted the quality and consistency of leads have increased, which means a higher conversion rate and better value audience have been reached.

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Key Performance Metrics


Decrease In Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)


Increase In Conversions


Increase In Spend


Growth In Users

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