Google Ads | Lead Generation

Financial Services Client

The Challenge

Drive profitability with a Lead Gen account
The client came to us in October 2021 with out of control Cost Per Acquisitions (CPA’s) in their Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts and needed these figures brought down across their two key lead generation campaigns. The Google Ads account had an average CPA in excess of £72.00 across two campaigns each focused on the clients key lead gen goals. To be sustainable for the client, our brief was to get this average down to £25.00…

The Solution

A revamp of the campaigns was needed due to ineffective ads and outdated practices. Key changes were implemented, including updated ad descriptions and headlines, changes in keyword match types and a switch in bidding strategy. All of this meant the ad quality and visibility increased, whilst the desired Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) goals were implemented to ensure the account became profitable for the client.

The Results

As of February 2022, conversions have grown in excess of 1967% with the budget only scaled up by 234% in comparison. Our CPA targets have been smashed and are 86% lower than they were when we first took over the account. The client has also noted the quality of leads have increased, which means a higher conversion rate on more valuable business.

Overall, a great success story and we look forward to bringing more value to the client!

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