Google Ads | Lead Generation

Puffin Fabrication

Client Background

Our client was a plastic fabrication company that specialised in creating custom plastic products for various industries. They were looking to generate more leads and enquiries through their Google Ads campaigns. However, they were struggling to generate enough high-quality leads to meet their targets.

Our Approach

We started by conducting a thorough audit of their Google Ads account. We analysed their ad copy, landing pages, targeting, bidding strategies and conversion tracking. We identified several areas for improvement, including the need to refine their targeting, optimise their landing pages, improve their ad copy and fix their inaccurate conversion tracking.

Based on our analysis, we implemented the following strategies:

1. Targeting Refinement: We refined their targeting by focusing on specific industries and applications that were most likely to convert into high-quality leads, with a particular focus on their exhibition and trade show offering. We also refined their location targeting to reach more relevant customers in their serviceable areas.

2. Landing Page Optimisation: Much improvements were needed here due to poor landing page experience. We guided their developer and optimised their landing pages by simplifying the design, highlighting their capabilities, clearing up the text heavy service pages and including clear calls-to-action. We also implemented A/B testing to identify the most effective landing page variations.

3. Ad Copy Optimisation: We optimised their ad copy by highlighting their unique capabilities, expertise and case study of work. We also included stronger calls-to-action in their ads to match with their improved landing pages.

4. Conversion Tracking: We overhauled their Google Ads conversion tracking due to outdated practices and ensured we were tracking all valuable actions. This gave us a clearer understanding of the performance of their campaigns and allowed us to better differentiate the origin of leads across their different channels via Google Analytics.


After implementing these changes, we saw a significant improvement in the client’s lead generation results. Their conversions increased by 56% whilst their cost-per-conversion (CPA) fell. The client also reported a major uplift in the quality of leads, with a reduction in the number of erroneous leads.


By conducting a thorough review of the client’s Google Ads account and implementing targeted optimisations, we were able to significantly improve their lead generation results. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and several months later, we continue to work together to build upon the early success seen!

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