Google Ads | eCommerce

Mobile & Tablet Accessories

Client Background

Our client was a small e-commerce business selling mobile & tablet accessories products online. They had been running Google Ads campaigns for a few months, but weren’t seeing the results they had hoped for. Their primary goal was to increase their campaigns return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our Approach

We began by conducting a thorough audit of their existing Google Ads campaigns. We reviewed their targeting, ad copy, keywords, bidding strategies and conversion tracking. We identified several areas for improvement, including the need to optimise their landing pages, adjust their targeting, and refine their keyword selection.

Based on on this, we implemented the following strategies:

1. Improved Ad Copy: We rewrote their ad copy to make it more compelling and targeted to their audience. We also included more specific details about their products, included competitive price points and added call-to-actions in each ad.

2. Refined Targeting: We refined their targeting by focusing on specific geographic locations where their products were more popular, and by adjusting their audience targeting based on age and interests. This enabled us to focus budget on areas that had promise of delivering, whilst removing wastage in areas that didn’t.

3. Keyword Optimisation and themed ad groups: We optimised their keyword selection by identifying high-performing keywords and removing low-performing ones. We also added negative keywords to ensure their ads were only shown to relevant search queries, as they were previously being triggered for erroneous searches for accessories they no longer stocked.

4. Landing Page Optimisation: This was a key part of the strategy. We guided their developer to improve aspects of the landing pages by adding clear calls-to-actions, product incentives, a countdown timer for ordering and making the overall design and colour scheme more visually appealing.


After implementing these changes, we saw a significant improvement in the client’s Google Ads performance. A key indicator of ad quality and relevance is the click-through-rate (CTR) and this increased by 22%. The conversion rate increased by 41%, resulting in a much improved ROAS and allowing for scalability.


By conducting a thorough audit of the client’s existing Google Ads campaigns and implementing targeted optimisations, we were able to improve their overall ad performance and increase their ROI. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and we look forward to continuing to deliver for them!

If you are not satisfied with your Google Ads performance or management, don’t wait around! Reach out to us and let’s kickstart your performance.