Facebook Ads delivers boost to sales and traffic

The Objective...

Operlo, a mobile and tablet accessories business, aimed to expand its customer base, increase online sales, and establish itself as a go-to destination for high-quality device protection and enhancement products. The primary goal was to leverage Facebook advertising to reach a wider audience of tech-savvy individuals, showcase their extensive product range, and drive conversions on their eCommerce store.

The Solution...

To achieve Operlo’s objectives, we implemented a robust Facebook advertising strategy that combined targeted audience segmentation, compelling ad formats and persuasive messaging. Our strategy revolved around the following key elements:

Audience Segmentation: We conducted market research and analysed customer data to identify Operlo’s target audience. We segmented the audience into three main categories: mobile device enthusiasts, tablet users, and tech-savvy professionals. Leveraging Facebook’s precise targeting options, we further refined the audience based on demographics, device preferences, and interests to ensure our ads reached the most relevant potential customers.

Product Showcasing: We developed visually striking ad creatives to showcase Operlo’s range of mobile and tablet accessories. Our ad formats included:

Product Carousel Ads: We created engaging carousels featuring different types of cases, covers and screen protectors. This format allowed viewers to explore a variety of products within a single ad, encouraging them to discover options that best suited their devices.

Video Demonstrations: We produced short videos demonstrating the functionality, durability, and style of Operlo’s accessories. These videos showcased how the products seamlessly integrated with mobile and tablet devices, whichever model that user has. We also utilised demonstration videos showcasing the quality and effectiveness of the protectors, therefore providing consumer confidence in the products on show.

Dynamic Ads: Leveraging Facebook’s dynamic ad feature, we dynamically showcased personalised product recommendations based on users’ browsing behaviour or past interactions with Operlo’s website. This personalised approach increased relevancy and drove higher engagement and conversions.

Compelling Copy and Offers: We crafted persuasive ad copy that emphasised the unique selling points of Operlo’s products. The copy focused on the durability, sleek design, and enhanced functionality of their accessories, highlighting the importance of protecting and personalising mobile and tablet devices. To drive conversions, we incorporated exclusive offers, such as limited-time discounts, bundle deals, and free shipping, to create a sense of urgency and incentivise immediate purchases.

The Results...

Operlo’s Facebook advertising campaign generated excellent results, surpassing their expectations and driving significant growth for their mobile and tablet accessories business. Here are some key outcomes:

Expanded Reach & Brand Visibility: The campaign successfully increased Operlo’s brand visibility, reaching over 230,000 relevant users. The newly developed ad creatives and targeted audience segmentation ensured the ads reached the most relevant potential customers, fostering brand recognition and awareness.

Increased Website Traffic: By optimising the campaign for website clicks, Operlo experienced a substantial surge in traffic to their eCommerce store. The compelling ad creatives and personalised product recommendations drove over 20,000 clicks, providing a steady stream of potential customers who explored their range of mobile and tablet accessories.

Improved Conversion Rates: The persuasive ad copy, coupled with exclusive offers, motivated customers to make purchases. Operlo saw an impressive 31% increase in conversions, resulting in a significant boost in online sales and revenue.

By leveraging Facebook’s powerful advertising platform and implementing a targeted and creative approach, Operlo successfully positioned itself as a trusted source for mobile and tablet accessories, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of tech enthusiasts.

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