Recruitment goal objective reached using Google Ads

Client Background...

Our client is an elderly care provider that was struggling to fill job vacancies due to a lack of online presence. They were looking to generate applications for vacant roles through online channels. We pitched a Google Ads strategy that would eventually lead to 97 applications within 10 days!

Our Approach...

Having pitched Google Ads as the best platform to achieve their objectives, We developed a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that included the following components:

1. Keyword research: We conducted research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords related to social care services. This also illuminated the need for a Brand Defence campaign to ensure competitors were not showing above ourselves in the search results. Keeping the client top of mind in search results within the Greater Manchester area was essential.

2. Ad copy: We developed ad copy that highlighted compelling benefits of the job vacancies, such as the flexible hours for some or competitive pay for others. We also included action-driving calls-to-actions to encourage users to click through to the clients website.

3. Targeting: We used a combination of geographic and demographic targeting to reach the most relevant audience. We set up a radius target around Greater Manchester whilst tweaking bid adjustments on age groups to ensure we were competitive in the most valuable search auctions.

4. Campaign structure: Following on from establishing the above, we set up their new ad account with two Search campaigns. One to target care worker related searches utilising themed ad-groups and one brand defence campaign.

Conclusion & Results...

After implementing this Google Ads strategy, we drove 97 conversions within the first 10 days of the account being live, despite not using the fully allocated budget. This led to vacancies being filled within a time vastly under our objective. Overall, this represented a huge success for the client and we look forward to supporting them again on their next recruitment drive!

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